Solo Cucina and Hidden Gems

It’s one of those chill Saturdays with no priorities or calendered events. You get up and slouch with coffee for a while. You just stare off into the distance thinking about who knows what until one of your kids brings you back around. Someone is hungry and not for the unexciting weekday options on hand.... Continue Reading →

C Casa – Oxbow Market Napa

Tacos - Rotisserie - Seafood I ran out of time in Napa. Too much to drink and also to eat. Before I left I wanted to try C-Casa, but had only one meal remaining on my way out of town. Tacos for breakfast? Sounds a little suspect. Breakfast burritos are as commonplace in american cuisine... Continue Reading →

Handle Bar Coffee Roasters

Santa Barbara CA My favorite coffee joint and breakfast spot in Santa Barbara. I'm not the only one; the line gets long. Hipsters and aficionados out the door, bro. They aren't wrong though. Coffee was the best I had in Santa Barbara. My first taste was an espresso. Smooth with a high tinny finish on... Continue Reading →

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